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Artist copywork

Why might you consider photographically copying your work?

One of the main reasons is selling fine reproductions of your original art. Whilst original artists' work is sought-after and commands a higher price there is the possibility to maximise the many hours spent on creating by producing and selling fine reproductions. Although less expensive than the original a well-produced reproduction can make up a significant part of an artist's revenue in terms of either limited or non-limited edition prints.

Other reasons for having your artwork photographically reproduced include:
If the original is sold then a high quality photographic copy can be kept for inclusion in a portfolio and used on a website gallery;
high calibre (but small file size) copies are often required for submission to galleries and art fairs;
stationary and greeting cards can be produced from the files.

The expertise:

Producing a photographic reproduction requires care and attention. It is an expert technical skill to reproduce the detail and colour in an original without introducing distortion, uneven lighting or distracting reflections (especially in oils and acrylics). Often, reproductions are printed a similar size to the original which requires a very high definition camera and lenses. A white balance card included in the image also ensures the colours can be faithfully reproduced. My clients include individual professional artists, galleries and museums both locally and nationally and I have photographed work by very famous artists names. You can be reassured that my work is undertaken to the highest quality standard.

The process:

I take great care of your work whilst it is with me. I am used to handling rare and precious art from galleries, museums and charities like the National Trust and I apply the same level of attention to all artwork entrusted with me.

Although it is possible to photograph a framed and glazed artwork it is highly recommended that your work is supplied to me unframed to reproduce it at its best, if possible. Framing and mounting can cast a slight shadow at the edges of the work and glass can cause a reduction in quality from marks or dust on the inside of the glass and reflections. Some anti-reflective glass has a slight textured surface which can also reduce the quality of the copy. If you really can't supply without the frame / glass then I can use lighting techniques to lessen the reflections but it will be more limited.

I will arrange a date to copy your work and I will have everything set up and prepared prior to your visit to my studio in Ambleside. You'll need to leave it with me for an hour or so while I copy it. It is of course possible for me to travel to the painting(s), which I do for clients regularly, but this will incur additional cost.

Once the photography is completed you may collect your work and I will then upload the files and email you a link to download them as either high-resolution jpegs (good for saving space on your computer and sending on to others) or as 16-bit tiffs for absolute quality (good if you want to carry out any further work on them).

Printing is the next step in the process and I can recommend local printers who will use my files to undertake this. I can send them the files and allow you to liaise with them directly to discuss your specific requirements.

I hope that I've explained the importance of producing fine reproductions and the benefits to you as an artist. Feel free to contact me to clarify anything or ask any more questions. There's no obligation and I'm happy to chat about my service.


I aim to price my copywork fairly and affordably, taking into account the set-up time, photography and processing the images ready to send to you. Please complete the form for an individualised quote on your photographic copywork requirements.

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Clients have included:

  • National Trust
  • Armitt Library & Museum
  • The University of Cumbria
  • Jenny Calvert (artist)
  • Francis Davenport (artist)
  • Libby Edmondson (artist)
  • Russell Mills (artist)
  • Beatrix Potter Society
  • Joe Capps (artist)
  • Casey Allum (artist)
  • The Mainstone Press (Norwich)
  • Liss Fine Art (London)
  • Abbot Hall (Kendal)
  • Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert Gallery (London)
  • Heaton Cooper Gallery (Grasmere)
  • Keith Sykes (artist)

Artists' work photographed has included:

  • J M W Turner
  • Alfred Heaton Cooper
  • Ben Nicholson
  • Kurt Schwitters
  • Russell Mills
  • Martin Greenland
  • Douglas Percy Bliss
  • Edward Bowden
  • Casey Allum
  • Kenneth Somers-Yeates
  • Libby Edmondson
  • Keith Sykes
What do copywork clients say?
Here's some of their feedback

"Dayve Ward provides an excellent service of professional photography for artists who wish to keep an accurate and high quality record of their work. Good quality images are crucial for artists who will use them for digital printing as well as for archival records.

Dayve's efficient, prompt, friendly and helpful service meets all my needs and relieves me of the burden of worrying about making my own record of my work."
Libby Edmondson

"With a visible passion for his work and great customer care, Dayve possesses that rare ability to work with both impressive speed and incredible care. Not only were my fine art paintings rendered in wonderful clarity, the desired result was accomplished in just an hour's time, complete with relative colour charts and cropping.

I would gladly recommend the friendly and professional service provided by Dayve to artists and businesses alike and cannot stress enough how efficiently and expertly my brief was realised."
Joe Capps

"I do place great importance on having my works photographed well, really well; thankfully I have a fantastic photographer, Dayve Ward, who shoots my work with great care.

His photographs are the final stage of the process before print. As long as his photographs capture the true tactile depth and intense colour saturation of the originals, I can pretty much guarantee that the print process will be a success."
Russell Mills

"Dayve produced some extremely high quality images from my paintings which were greatly enhanced by his expertise. His unmatched talent and technical knowledge then turned them into something way beyond what I ever thought possible and, as a result, has taken my business to a new level."
Kate Lloyd-Philipps

"I am very impressed with Photography by Ward. I needed a very big TIFF image of one of my paintings for publication and the quality and value was excellent. It was sent to me via WeTransfer because it was so big but it was there more or less straight after the image was taken. Dayve is professional and friendly and his studio is easy to reach in Ambleside."
Martin Greenland